National Workshop on adaptation and graduation of Wushu Taolu.

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The National Workshop Was established on the 15th and 16th of February 2014, at FEF – UNICAMP in Campinas / SP, for improvement and development of wushu

The Brazilian Wushu Confederation(CBKW) is deploying a grading system, similar to the model which is carried out in China, to organize and enhance the Wushu in the country.

This structure was built by applicative methods, according to fundamental and educational aspects. It is believed that by spreading organized information, the strengthening of the activity as a whole, will no more be just an idea leading to an evolutionary process.

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“We are sharing the task with everyone for the growth and development of Wushu in our country,” says the President of CBKW Mr. Marcus.

This is a new era for Wushu in Brazil. The popularity of Wushu depends on each of us. Now that the sport has been structured, it is our job doing quality work.