Mexico´s National Wushu Championships 2014

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 Mexico is a country in where Wushu has been growing for the past few years. In past years in the World Wushu Championships of 2005 and 2007, Mexican athletes were in the bottom of each category, after 2009 they have reached to 20s and now close on the 10s of some events.  This improvement in great part is a result of the new Federation in charge and the government´s decision to promote wushu as a martial art and sport. In 2012, Mexico was awarded a grant in where they were able to obtain 2 blue carpets, 2 sanda arenas, and 1 green carpet. With this grant, Mexico created 2 National Wushu Training centers, one in the University of Chihuahua and the other one in the Olympic Training Center in Monterrey Mexico.

Mexico recently has hosted the 2012 Pan American Wushu championship and the 1st NORCECA (North America, Central America, and The Caribbean). Mexico recently has starting to spread the wushu using the Media , though local news stations, free wushu programs, and video samplers on youtube. From Friday 27th to 29th, Mexico will be celebrating his annual National Wushu Championships in the City of Chihauhua Mexico. Dante Gamboa say ¨This is the biggest event in our country, the level of athletistism will be high this year. I can´t wait to compete with the best wushu athletes from Mexico. We will be expecting great results and videos from all the athletes. We want to wish good luck and JIAYO to everyone!