Japan Team prepares to Summer Youth Olympics

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In Japan, Tree junior wushu athletes got throw a preliminary (5th World junior Wushu Championships) held in Turkey. They are going to take part in Summer Youth Olympics being held in China, Nanjing.

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First of them is Miri Sato, athlete of women’s Changquan group A. In 5th WJWC,She won 5th prize on Qiangshu and 6th prize on Jianshu.

Second name is Asahi Otsu, man’s Taijiquan group A. He won 3rd prize both Taijiquan and Taijijian.

The third name is Kanon Usui, athlete of women’s Taijiquan group A. Result of WJWC is 1st prize on Taijijian, and 5th on Taijiquan.