Game Review – Kickbeat

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Kickbeat is similar in style to Guitar Hero in that the player must press the correct button on the controller, in time. to hit the note (Or in this case, beat up the enemy). Each enemy represents a different type of beat and they  usually sync up with the music. Big yellow enemies are single beats, blue  ones are half beats and reds attack two at a time – simple to learn, but difficult to master. Gameplay is kept fresh with the inclusion of  features points, chi powerups, health powerups and Chi mode which allows you to double your modifier, you can also see some arms circles and smash punches.

Unlike other music rhythm game titles, however, Kickbeat does offer a robust edit mode, dubbed Beat Your Music, which allows players to both use their own music and edit the tracks. Though some titles may give players the option to use their own music, few give players the ability to edit the actual beats and actual gameplay experience as well.

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