Game Review – Dragon Finga

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Let’s talk about Another Place Productions’ latest iOS game, Dragon Finga. Prepare to take on endless waves of martial artists, ninjas, and samurai warriors in this exciting and different fighter.

Dragon Finga is a single player arena fighter that has players facing off against endless waves of enemies, trying to see how long they can last and how much of a score they can rack up before time runs out or they get overwhelmed. The trick is that it uses a weird, yet oddly intuitive, one-touch interface. The characters are basically rag dolls that can be dragged around with a finger, will automatically stand up once they’ve landed on a solid surface, and lash out with fists and feet when enemies and objects are tapped. Laying waste to the opposition will keep the timer going a little longer, build up a special meter, and nets coins that can be used to power-up each fighter. Missions can also be completed during each battle for extra goodies.

As you play, you’ll collect coins and gems which are used to unlock new characters, upgrades, and scenes. Each character has a different Dragon Power, which can be unleashed by pinching the screen when you have collected enough energy. The Dragon Power sends out a wave that knocks out any surrounding enemies, followed by a series of projectiles launched wherever you tap the screen.

Every scene also has its own challenges, urging players to keep playing and earn more coins and gems. Challenges range from defeating enemies, performing special attacks, and collecting coins, and they’re much harder than they seem. For instance, surviving for more than 90 seconds can be very tough and might require you to upgrade your character’s health and damage. You can give Challenge to your friends to see if they have what it takes to beat your score.

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