Cung Le vs. Michael Bisping

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On Saturday, August 23rd, 2014, professional MMA (mixed martial arts) and Sanshou fighter Cung Le will face off against Michael Bisping.  After nearly two years off from fighting since his memorable knockout victory over Rich Franklin, not much was known regarding Cung Le’s career, aside from his participation in the reality television series The Ultimate Fighter: China.  Le has since continued on with his film career, starring the lead role of A Certain Justice, also titled Puncture Wounds.  However, in May, Cung Le was finally announced to fight Michael Bisping in May.

The fight will take place in the CotaiArena in Macau, China, where the former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Le knocked out former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin in his previous fight in November of 2012.  Cung Le is currently 9-2, with one loss to Scott Smith over the now defunct Strikeforce Middleweight Championship title in 2009, which he avenged in 2010, and to Wanderlei Silva in his first UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fight in 2011, which Le has expressed eagerness for a rematch.  Most of Le’s victories in MMA have come either by KO (knockout) or by TKO (technical knockout), with the exception of one decision against Patrick Côté, which was his first victory in the UFC.  Cung Le is an expert stand-up striker, with a background in Taekwondo and collegiate wrestling, making his kicks a force to be reckoned with, and his takedown defense venerable.

The question is what will happen on the night of the 23rd?  Cung Le is now 42 years old, and such a large gap has not been seen before in Le’s MMA fight record, which brings into question how prepared he may or may not be for the weekend.  Bisping is a notoriously striker in his own right, with strong conditioning; Cung’s strengths are based on range for his kicks, with his potential weaknesses in the past being lack of stamina and boxing defense up close.  Will Le allegedly gas out like he claimed to have done with Scott Smith, or be overwhelmed like with Wanderlei Silva?  Or will he play his cards right and fight smart as he did more recently in his previous two fights against Patrick Côté and Rich Franklin?  Let’s tune in on Saturday and find out!