Brazilian team goes to 5th Junior WWC.

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The national brazilian wushu team, traveled today to Antalya/Turkey for the 5th Junior WWC.  As usual this is a difficult event, since the level is very high and this event aims rating for the Olympic Youth Games in China in August, but will only include group A and 3rd set. The team that will represent Brazil in this tournament, official event calendar IWUF (International Wushu Federation), consists of two categories including Sanda represented by 2 athletes and taolu represented by 7 athletes.

Besides them Marcus Vinicius Alves, president of CBKW, Tania Sakanaka, arbitrates the taolu and members of the technical committee of CBKW: João Ferreira, Paulo Sakanaka, Brandon Porfirio and Robson Carlos complete the delegation. Maybe there would be some space for some countries of not ranked athletes. We are waiting for news of IWUF.