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Athlete of the week – Tomoya Okawa

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 I’m really happy when I realize a growth in my skills compared with that of before. When practicing wushu, I have to face myself and train mind and body, so hard but really stoic.


My goal for this year is to take part of the Asian Games in Korea and get medal.


4 times a week and 2 hours a day.


Wushu looks like a life; practicing wushu is same as living. So if keeping to train, we can learn a lot of thinking, imagination, sincerity and so on from wushu. Hardest thing is training basic movement, but it’s really important I know.


We, team Japan are not pro. Practicing environment is not so good and there is no reward. Why do we continue to practice in these situations? Because we love Wushu from the bottom of us heart.I think the others countries also have some problems but they love wushu, so we wushu lovers are the one. Even if you are in any circumstances, remember Wushu family all over the world. Keep it up everyone!!



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