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Athlete of the week – Daniel Dionisio

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I have already practice some other martial arts but when I met Sanda I became in love with the variety of strikes. In each championship a new passion begins.


Becoming Pan American Champion because it is a title I do not own yet. Becoming champion from the Latin Cup that is happening in Portugal and win the National Cup in the end of this year. To end it with a flourish


4 daily hours, divided according to each championship plan. The training are divided in Technical, Physical with nutritional accompaniment, Pilates and psychological counseling.


Team is something very important, even the modality being individual. The team motivate us daily to fulfill our training, without them I wouldn’t be nowhere. Team is not just some emblem you carry with, team are the people side by side you everyday.


I would like to thank a lot to the ABF Brasil Team and my sponsors: Estação Ativa, that does my physical and nutritional preparation, to my orthopedist Montenegro, my psychologist Paloma and to the The Sports Department in Distrito Federal and, last but not least, my dear and important family. Everyone of you has a big influence in my athlete life. I don´t have enough words to thank the support. Thank you very much to all.