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Athlete of the week – César Foguel

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I met the sport when I was 15 years old, through an invite from my cousin, that is not among us anymore. At start was for fun, but overtime I started getting attached to the sport and since then I train it seriously. Two years after I begun training, my former teacher asked me it I would like to start competing and I said yes.  At first I had many troubles to learn the competition Taolus, and got through many categories like  Nanquan, Nangun, Changquan, Daoshu, Gunshu, Jianshu and Qiangshu. But Qiangshu was the one I identified myself the most to compete and with Qiangshu I conquered many important titles.


This year I was convened to represent Brazil in the 10th Panamerican Wushu Championships that will occur in September at Costa Rica. I hope to win a gold medal for my country and achieve great results in the other competitions along the year.


I train 5 times a week, 3 days are technical training (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and 2 physical training days (Tuesday and Thursday), 2 hours long each train. It’s a very rush routine because I have to conciliate training, work and university.


I think that the most difficult part is the absence of incentive, and when I say incentive I mean financial incentive. Many talents do not happen because the lack of support. It´s sad for you to prepare yourself the whole year, sacrificing yourself, training hard and when a very important championship comes, you do not have sponsor or conditions to pay the expenses. Last year I had the opportunity to represent my country in the 12º Wushu World Championship in Malasia but, for lack of financial support, I ended out of the competition. Was very sad to lose a dream for not having conditions to carry it out.


First, I want to thank my Family, in particular my mother that always supported me and made everything to help me keep fighting for my goals, to my teachers  João Ferreira da Silva Junior (Brasil Wushu Top Team) and José Aparecido Vieira (Focus Combat Center) for the strength they always give, they also assisted my all time, everything I know I own to them. I want to also thank  the gym Mfitness Araras and Fisio Center Physiotherapy that gave me all the structure to physical training and injure treatment and thank to all my friends that are always cheering for me (I don´t want to name them, because I could forget someone and that wouldn´t be nice).

I wish to end this with a quote I always carry with me.

“Fight to conquer, that´s my goal”.