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Athlete of the week – Marcela Polastri

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When I was 16, I was going through a difficult time in my life, I was depressed. I even did treatment with a psychiatrist and a psychologist and Wushu came as supporting this process.  After a year and a half, treatment became very costly, but I fell in love with Wushu and could no longer drop it. I never had the intention of becoming an athlete but to realize that I had the ability to learn the movements, my teacher asked if I wanted to compete and I said yes. Today Wushu is part of my life.


I’m going to participate in the Pan American championship this year and I want to represent Brazil in the best possible way, because I’ve been training very hard for this.


It’s pretty intense. Wushu training from Monday to Saturday and do physical training(weight training) at least three times a week.


My team and my teacher, Marcelo Yamada, are all the time supporting me and helping me improve every day more, incidentally, always help each other and that is what makes the difference, because without this union would never have developed me well as an athlete.


Despite the difficulties and hardships of life we must not give up on our dreams. Once we give up being losers simply not trying. For this fight, even though nothing can go right at the end , fight!



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